Planet Zebunar
Galactic adventures for the next generation of innovators

Planet Zebunar was at the cutting edge of science. It was united and thriving… Until ….. Zebunar scientists realised the planet was in GREAT danger. As things stood, Planet Zebunar was doomed. Bravery, cleverness and hope are still around. But will they be enough to save Planet Zebunar? Signup for the latest news from Planet Zebunar

Join the Crew

For all those adventurous 7-11 year-olds, travel across the galaxy and help the crew save Planet Zebunar and its weird and wonderful inhabitants.

Bring 3D Models to Life

An interactive experience that both parents and children will enjoy. Our Planet Zebunar mobile app brings 2D images to life.


Inclusive, educational and fun. Combining the latest online and offline technologies to engage children in Science, technology, engineering & maths.

What the Professionals are Saying

Wally Funk
Wally Funk

Mercury 13 Space Program Candidate Pilot with over 19,000 flight hours First female investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

“I’m a keen ambassador for science and technology and happy to support Norah’s ambitions to inspire children through Planet Zebunar.”

    Loretta Whitesides
    Loretta Whitesides

    Founder Astronaut at Virgin Galactic,Co-Founder Yuri’s Night,Former Zero-G flight director

    “It is really important that ALL kids learn science literacy. In our society, science literacy is as important as literacy and math.”

      Dr. Geoff Steeves
      Dr. Geoff Steeves

      Physics Professor, Finalist, Canadian Astronaut Selection

      "As a scientist and a parent, I can’t wait for my daughter to get her hands on this."

        Meet the Founder

        Dr. Norah Patten

        Founder of Planet Zebunar,
        Faculty at International Space University
        At the age of 11, Norah had an opportunity to visit NASA and that experience sparked an excitement that shaped the course of her life. Realising that not every child gets this opportunity, she is on a mission to bring that opportunity to children through Planet Zebunar. Using an inclusive, educational and exciting combination of offline and online technologies, the series engages the different ways that children play and learn. Planet Zebunar excites the next generation of innovators, leaders and doers. Norah has a PhD in Engineering and is a faculty member at the International Space University. In 2014, Norah sent Ireland’s first student experiment to the International Space Station. She has interned at the Boeing Company in Seattle and Bell Labs Alcatel Lucent in Dublin and is a regular speaker at public events.

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